Managed IT Medical Brisbane

Fixed Cost IT Support

With our Fixed Cost Support, we can budget our time to offer you a stable and consistent IT support solution.

   Peace of mind
   Increased productivity
   Faster & cost effective resolutions
   Reduced time spent on maintenance
   Predictable and lower costs

3 Levels of Support

Choose your level of support depending on the needs of your business. Once you have chosen a level of support, we customise a solution for you.







We notify you in real-time and We give you peace of mind, knowing that any IT concerns will be resolved in a fast and stress-free manner.

An open and transparent approach

Our approach to Managed Services combines both extensive monitoring and reporting with regular engagement.

We provide monthly reporting along with regular meetings to discuss what’s going on in your business and if there are any issues. We discuss your future plans (such as expanding) with you and how it will affect your business from an IT perspective.

By being kept informed of your business and what is on the horizon we can ensure your future growth is approached from a strategic ITperspective and that there is minimal disruption to your workflow.


With the Envisage approach you can benefit from a smooth and stress-free IT support solution.

Having invested heavily into our back end systems with our task management system, reporting and monitoring tools, we offer a highly responsive and streamlined process for you.


We stand out from our competitors for truly supporting you
by educating you as we go.


Our approach is not about just fixing the problem – wherever you want to know the why’s and hows, we will help you understand what the most efficient approach to IT is in your particular case.

We analyse the reports with you and if particular issues continue to arise, we will discuss better ways to manage your IT systems and get rid of the issues.

Managed IT Medical Brisbane