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We offer a range of consulting services

The Envisage approach is about providing an all encompassing strategy for your project in a proactive manner. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your project plans and let you know upfront if we see any potential issues.

Network Auditing
Risk assessment
Ad hoc support
 Disaster recovery plans

Project Management

We project manage any one-off events in a business, from changing to new server equipment, moving offices or migration to various Cloud applications.

It’s all about forward planning. Depending on the personal requirements of your business, we will determine the best solution for issues like limited downtime, a clear budget and clear deliverables. We provide a practical and easily defined project scope, so you know exactly what you are getting from the project and who is responsible for what tasks. We have years of experience in managing projects, providing us with the knowledge of knowing the right questions to ask and ensuring we’ve covered all those things you hadn’t even thought of.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Our approach to disaster recovery is about offering a comprehensive strategy. We thoroughly investigate the issue to determine a resolution that is both clearly defined and clears up any surrounding concerns which may have contributed to the incident.

We ask you the right questions to make sure the project is on track and everything is being looked after.

We stay in touch with you on the progress and keep you informed of any issues that may arise.

I.T. Auditing

We project manage any one-off events in a business, from changing to new server equipment, moving offices or migration to various Cloud applications.

We are offering a FREE Audit of your business’ IT systems. 


 Your business and your needs

 Assess your current systems and;

 Offer our recommendations of how you can improve your network performance.

We’ll perform a basic audit, providing an overview of your existing hardware and software, as well as the level of IT support your business requires. We will discuss with you where your business is at the moment, where you want it to go and how we’re able to get there.

You will get a complimentary report, identifying where the strengths and weaknesses are as well as a basic security check. This gives you a clear snapshot of how your IT systems are currently performing along with a list of recommendations to make your IT system work better for you and your business.

Existing client?
We offer the following audits for our loyal customers:
Network Audit
Security Audit
Performance Auditing
Software and Hardware Auditing
Microsoft Compliance Audit

Get your free IT health checkup

Contact us today to receive a free audit and consultation concerning your medical IT environment. We’ll examine whether your systems and applications are reliable, secure, and properly aligned your practice.

    Data security

    We offer a holistic approach to data security, from both internal and external threats. We take data security very seriously at Envisage, and have assisted many clients over the years with a safe and practical solution.

    The first step in our process is learning about how your data security is currently managed, and to what degree your business has anything in place to protect your data.

    While these policies will be unique to your own business, we focus on asking questions like who has access to what, how safe is the data, how often is it backed up or the security tested in the network.

    Finding out this kind of information will allow us to implement a security policy, password policies and acceptable usage policies, depending on the needs of your business. Once we have the policies in place, we regularly check them over, ensuring they’re up-to-date and remain current to your business and its circumstances.

    It’s about knowing how to be secure.

    We could provide you with policy after policy, but unless you have an understanding of data security, it may not have any benefit. At Envisage it’s not just about handing over some policies and walking away. Data is most secure when those in charge know what the safe practices are for data security and other things you should be aware of.

    Our approach is to break it down for you in a clear and practical manner. We consider it very important to help you understand how you can ensure your data remains secure and is being implemented by your staff.